Silver Oxidation

Why Is My Silver Item turning Blackish Green?

Why is my new necklace turning black or green, well the good news is this confirms your item is indeed silver (in the cases of items from our site it is likely to be 925 sterling silver). Silver turns black due to its oxidation reaction which can be sped up by a number of factors, the protective coating on silver items can very quickly be worn away if these factors are ignored.. 

Factors affecting this reaction:

  • Increased humidity
  • Increased light Exposer
  • Contact with a number of cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, deodorants and more
  • Natural oils in your skin (in the summer increased perspiration will cause an increase in this reaction. Sleeping or showering in your jewellery will quickly remove the protective coating leading silver to appear dull.)


  • Minimise contact with perfumes etc by applying them before putting on your jewellery. 
  • Be sure to store your jewellery in dry dark place. If you want to be extra careful in a sealed bag. 
  • If its extra hot be aware that perspiration will increase the rate of oxidation.
  • Always remove your jewellery while swimming or in similar conditions.

The Solution

Many companies offer silver cleaning kits to not only keep your items at maximum shine but also to slow and remove the product of the oxidation reaction. We also recommend trying your every day toothpaste as many brands of house hold toothpaste contain the ingredients necessary to clean your silver.  Be sure to rinse and buff your item with a cleaning cloth after this practise to keep up your silvers appearance.